Let Us Thoroughly Prevent the Novel Coronavirus Infection


Medical workers of South Phyongan Province go out to factories, enterprises, farms and residential areas to inform people of the common knowledge about novel coronavirus infection and precautions against it.

They are also giving a helping hand to the timely supply of disinfectants and medicines.

Party organizations of its cities and counties on the coast closely look into omissions in the prevention of this epidemic and make sure that related steps are taken.

They urge each of people to observe voluntarily the rules and orders concerned with hygienic and anti-epidemic work.

Hygienic and anti-epidemic workers of Onchon County, Nampho City, are briskly conducting hygienic information service for strictly curbing the infection of novel coronavirus.

Morning propaganda activities with loudspeaker vans are conducted routinely to help its residents clearly realize that the prevention of this epidemic is an important undertaking related to the life of the people and security of the state.

Rodong Sinmun