We Will Make Them Pay Dearest Price for the Crime of Insulting Our People


All the people and youth of the DPRK have turned out as one in a sacred retaliatory struggle, giving free rein to the surging anger against heinous reckless acts of the enemy in faulting the dignity of our supreme leadership.

It is their rock-firm faith and will to completely do away with the human scum and traitors.

Our people are revolutionary people who value the dignity of our supreme leadership dearer than their lives.

The reckless acts of the riff-raff who dared to hurt the dignity of our supreme leadership insulted and mocked at the noble and pure ideological sentiment of our people who trust and follow only the Party single-heartedly.

No one in the world can match our people who have turned out with firm preparedness.

The rage of the people pent up for decades and centuries is erupting like an active volcano.

Our people have risen up to do away with the enemies with a thoroughgoing will to fight against class enemies.

The world will soon witness how our people with absolute trust in their leader and ardent affection for their country punish the south Korean authorities and sweep the earth of the human scum for good.

Unchangeable is the will of our people to take successive retaliatory measures till the south Korean authorities are made to keenly realize what regret and anguish their reckless acts bring to them.

Yun Chol Hui