Maximum Emergency System Requires High Vigilance and Strict Observance


Our Party recently held an emergency enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of its Central Committee in connection with a dangerous situation in Kaesong City. In the meeting it adopted a decision on shifting from the state emergency anti-epidemic system to the maximum emergency system.

It declared a state of emergency in the city before shifting from the state emergency anti-epidemic system to the maximum emergency system, and issued a top-class alert as regards an uncertain result from the medical test of a defector to the south, who recently returned home illegally, that suspects him of being infected with COVID-19.

It is important for all the people to cope with the present critical situation in a single mind in order to ensure that all the measures taken by our Party and state prove effective.

Although the Party and the state established a strict and flawless anti-epidemic measure, its vitality cannot be displayed if officials and other people who are obliged to carry out and observe it get slack even a moment.

Success in the anti-epidemic struggle under the maximum emergency system totally depends on the people’s standpoint and readiness towards it.

The worst enemy in overcoming the current crisis in the anti-epidemic work is slackness.

The work for preventing the spread of the malignant virus is not the one confined to an individual but an important one directly linked with the security of society, the collective and the state and the lives of the people.

The man, who keeps himself alert in his work while always considering whether there is a gap in the work for preventing the worldwide pandemic and whether he deals with this matter carelessly, will never do anything running counter to the Party’s intention.

Kim Pyong Jin