Powerful Ideological Offensive Rousing Masses


The organizations of the Workers’ Party of Korea at all levels dynamically conduct an organizational and political work to galvanize all officials, its members and workers into a nationwide offensive toward its forthcoming 8th Congress.

The WPK organizations of the Pukchang, Pyongyang thermal power complexes and the Sunchon Thermal Power Station, the Hochongang and Suphung power stations encourage their workers to do their best to produce electricity.

The WPK organizations of the Ryongsong Machine Complex, the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, the Kaechon Area Coal Mining Complex, the February 8 Jikdong Youth Coal Mine and others across the nation ideologically stir their officials, its members and workers to put through its ideas and defend its policies the way combatants are inspired to victory at the front.

Rodong Sinmun