Efforts Channeled into Developing New Product 


The labor and management of the Pyongyang Spices Factory invented new products of over ten kinds this year. They are now scoring one success after another in their production.

The researchers of the PSF’s spice institute select aromatic plants, extract natural perfumes from them and purify them to strictly meet the demand of technological rules and standard operation methods in all processes. Meanwhile, they push ahead with the development of other natural perfumes

They have worked hard to extract natural perfumes from fruits of tara vines, jujubes and others and make perfumes with the by-products of various kinds of meat and seafoods. Consequently, they have developed plenty of natural perfumes this year alone.

The PSF has devised and produced edible perfumes of over ten kinds, which are used and favorably commented on by many foodstuff producers.

Rodong Sinmun