Obeying Scientific and Technological Requirements Thoroughly


The agricultural officials and workers of the west region of the country sow seeds in their fields by the sweat of their brows, thoroughly meeting the demand of technology for it.

The agricultural officials of North Phyongan Province incessantly provide in-depth technological guidance as for sowing to afford a guarantee for the production of ample cereals from the start this year.

The agricultural officials and workers of South Phyongan Province set much store by sowing qualitatively in the right time according to the strict demand of technology.

North Hwanghae Province made full preparations for sowing and has since gone on with it on schedule.

South Hwanghae Province, too, sows seeds in its fields along scientific and technological lines.

The agricultural officials and workers of other provinces, too, devote themselves entirely to seeding their fields to make a breakthrough in harvesting bumper crops this year.

Rodong Sinmun