Boost in Salt Production Witnessed in DPRK


Salt producers across the country are putting primary efforts into reinforcing their material and technical foundations.

Officials of the General Salt Production Enterprise have organized and directed vigorous economic operations after formulating realistic stage plans for consolidating the foundations for production.

A brisk mass movement for technological innovation was launched at different salt works to raise the proportion of the work done by machines. They made machines needed for restoring salt fields and improved their salt-gathering machines, thus boosting their own motive power for development.

Salt production units increase the salt output while paying primary attention to strengthening their own technical forces. They have restored salt fields and enhanced the salt water-storing capacity under detailed plans.

They have also boosted their production capacity by timely overhauling the drainage operation system and rationally using the preliminary evaporating ponds.

Thanks to the efforts of workers at salt works across the country, the overall plan of the General Salt Production Enterprise for the first quarter of the year was over-fulfilled by 37%.

Those salt producers have also concentrated efforts on further consolidating the foundations for salt production based on underground ultra-saline water, which was proved profitable in practice.

Rodong Sinmun