Its Ordered Equipment Produced Dynamically without Cease


The workers of the Taean Heavy Machine Complex fully apply themselves to producing sets of ordered plant and generation equipment for many sectors of the national economy.

Its 1st shop for the processing of generation equipment effects collective innovations in their production.

The officials, workers and technicians of the shop go all out to produce their ordered equipment fully awakened to the importance of their duty. They register great successes in their production every day surmounting their trials and hardships on their own.

The governor shop, medium-sized machine shop and large-sized machine shop of the THMC try their hardest to boost their production.

As a result, the workers of the THMC overfulfilled their national economic plan for the first quarter of 2021. But they do not at all rest contented with this and tenaciously continue to turn out their generation equipment and sets of plants without fail with patriotic devotion.


Rodong Sinmun