Evening Gala of Youth and Students, Fireworks Display Mark Day of Sun


Amid the great joy of the people celebrating the spring holiday of April there took place an evening gala of youth and students and fireworks display in Pyongyang in the evening on Thursday, the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung (the Day of the Sun).

When darkness fell in streets, youth and students of the city gathered in Kim Il Sung Square.

The reviewing stands and other places around the square were alive with the working people in the city who gathered to watch the fireworks display.

The evening gala of youth and students began as the song "Let's Sing of the Day of the Sun" resounded through the nocturnal sky of the city.

Youth and students presented a sea of dancers with the ardent yearning for the President who built the socialist state independent in politics, self-supporting in economy and self-reliant in defence on this land.

They danced to the tunes of songs reflecting the revolutionary spirit of young vanguards determined to make a breakthrough of advance in every work site of a new great upsurge.

As time wore on, the atmosphere of the evening gala reached climax with joy and delight of the young people, and colorful fireworks beautifully decorated the nocturnal sky on the Day of the Sun.

Song "Our Leader Loved by People" reflective of the admiration of the people for the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un resounded throughout the square, and fascinating fireworks brightened the nocturnal sky over the capital city.

The atmosphere of the spring holiday of April was revved up with the fireworks in the sky and the sea of dancers in the square.


Rodong Sinmun