A Hundred and Several Ten Million Trees Planted throughout the Country


Trees are briskly planted in spring throughout the country.

Officials and working people were out to plant trees in spring across the whole country true to the noble intention of the Party to reafforest and landscape it and planted one hundred and several ten million trees in a bit over a month.

South Phyongan Province has so far planted twenty and several million trees in spring through an energetic mass drive. Its officials and working people dug pits for trees, carpeted them with humus soil and planted and watered trees in their territory on a thoroughly qualitative footing to root them and thus lay the foundations for the wealth of the nation and the happiness of posterity.

The officials and working people of North Hwanghae Province bestirred themselves to make actual advances in their afforestation now that they have buckled down to another five-year plan this year. They planted trees whole-heartedly in thousands of hectares of land.

South Hamgyong Province went all out to plant trees in spring.

The officials and working people of Nampho and Kaesong Cities and other areas are zealous to convert all the mountains of the country into golden and treasured ones. They analyze their soil and weather conditions in detail and register great successes in planting trees thoroughly on the principle of the right tree on the right soil and in the right time.

Rodong Sinmun