Its Efforts Concentrated on Renovating Phyongwon Breeding Rabbit Farm


South Phyongan Province fully exerts itself to renovate the Phyongwon Breeding Rabbit Farm (PBRF).

It has arranged for many steady people to renovate the PBRF. It does its utmost to accelerate the project supplying the PBRF with materials for its renovation preferentially.

The workhands energetically push ahead with their renovation project actively applying the advanced methods of economizing on materials and raising both its speed and quality.

The officials of the PBRF, too, tap out all its reserves and potential and try hard to satisfactorily secure various kinds of materials for its renovation.

The renovation project of the PBRF is accelerated fast by the officials and working people of the province to carry out their work assignments for the first year of another five-year plan admirably.


Rodong Sinmun