Let Us Accelerate This Year’s Advance Powerfully
with Practical Scientific and Technological Successes


The competition of national power among countries means the one of science and technology and the socio-economic development, destiny and future of a country and nation depend on how much more and faster they make new scientific and technological achievements.

The principal power and strategic resource that enable us to most successfully carry out our tasks are none other than science and technology.

When we raise our own sci-tech capability and promote the sci-tech development, a radical turn will be brought about in the economic construction and improvement of the people's living standard.

The unique way out for consolidating the existing economic foundation and surely attaining the production goals facing every sector of the national economy is to take firm hold of science and technology.

Only when we firmly believe our own strength and technology and steadily augment our own sci-tech achievements, the potentiality of self-reliant economy can be given fuller play and the production be put on normal track.

When we fully rely upon science and technology, we can settle urgent problems arising in the fields closely associated with the people's living and push ahead with the work for providing people with better living condition and environment.

Only when our scientists and technologists launch a dynamic campaign of competing brains and practical abilities with a firm will to leave a clear trace in the development of the Juche-oriented science and technology and with a pluck to compete with the world upon the honor of the country, our sci-tech capability can be further raised and the tasks for this year be successfully carried out.

Rodong Sinmun