The Fields of Socialist Cooperative Farms Weeded with Great Patriotic Zeal 


The whole country strives more mightily than ever to help its cooperative farms in their work. Meanwhile, they weed their fields with might and main.

North Phyongan Province dynamically weeds its fields tapping out all its internal potentials.

Kwaksan County takes the lead in weeding. Thaechon and Unjon Counties score great successes in weeding their fields. Yomju and Tongrim Counties and Jongju City are now weeding their paddies twice and their corn fields thrice. Suit is followed by many other counties one after another throughout the province.

South Phyongan Province ceaselessly weeds its fields with all its might.

Sukchon County gives patent daily work assignments to each of its farmers and their helpers and accurately assesses their work points so as to stimulate them to further competitive efforts. Tokchon City sees to it that its farmers stir themselves further to finish weeding their individual corn fields in charge three times at an early date as against last year.

North Hwanghae Province registers good successes in its weeding.

The province digs its ditches and plows its fields qualitatively to withstand a calamitous climate actively while weeding its fields with speed.

South Hwanghae Province, a breadbasket on the West Sea of Korea, weeds its fields with great success.

It ensures that agitprop activities are briskly conducted in its cooperative farms to spiritually encourage their members to fully exert themselves to weed their fields well and gain greater successes in it than usual. It also sees to it that a socialist emulation is carried on effectively among the subworkteams of its farms and farmers in charge of fields, that efficient small farming implements are made on their own and that a large area of its fields are weeded within unit time.

Kangwon, North Hamgyong and South Hamgyong Provinces, Nampho City and other regions, too, weed a great area of their fields day after day.


Rodong Sinmun