Aug. 1, Juche 103 (2014)  Friday
Let us raise a fierce wind of making a fresh leap forward on all fronts of building a thriving country filled with confidence in victory!

Wreaths Laid before Statue and Grave of Kang Pan Sok2014.08.01
Leading Party Officials Start Study Tour of Revolutionary Battle Sites in Area of Mt. Paektu 2014.07.31
North Hwanghae Provincial Maternity Hospital Goes Operational2014.07.31
Seminar of Officials of Youth League Held2014.07.31
At Pyongyang Painting Factory 2014.07.31
National Taekwon-Do All-Star Tournament for Jonsung Cup Opens2014.07.30
Secretariat of CPRK Urges S. Korean Defense Minister to Properly Wag His Tongue2014.08.01
Foolish Utterance2014.08.01
Body of S. Korean Inhabitant Handed over to S. Korean Side via Panmunjom2014.07.31
Spokesman for Worker-Peasant Red Guards Warns S. Korean Defense Minister of His Reckless Remarks2014.07.30
Letter to Kim Jong Un from General Association of Koreans in China2014.07.29
Against Public Sentiments2014.07.29
Kim Jong Un Sends Reply Messages to Syrian, Ugandan Presidents2014.08.01
Congratulations to General Chairwoman of Central Directive Council of IDPS2014.08.01
Swiss Party Delegation Leaves2014.08.01
Gifts to Kim Jong Un from Russian Figures2014.07.31
Congratulations to Indonesian President-Elect2014.07.31
We Warn Naked U.S.2014.07.31
Kim Jong Un Issues Order on Promoting Military Ranks of KPA Commanding Officers2014.07.28
CPRK Spokesman Urges S. Korean Authorities Not to Miss Opportunity for Improving North-South Relations2014.07.24
U.S. Decline and Ruin Are Inevitability of History: KCNA White Paper2014.07.12
KCNA Report on Organization of "Special Investigation Committee"2014.07.05
NDC of DPRK Sends Special Proposal to S. Korean Authorities2014.07.01

Foolish Utterance

No sooner had Han Min Gu come to the office of the Minister of puppet Defense Ministry than he turned up at Yonphyong Island, the hottest spot, now, to blare about their readiness to eliminate “the origin of provocation and assistance, and their commanding forces”. And speaking before TV camera, he yelled spitefully, “The North must be concerned about the sustenance of its …

[Commentary] We Warn Naked U.S.2014.07.31
[Commentary] Masked Mediator2014.07.31
[Editorial] Do Your Revolutionary Duty with Honor2014.07.30
[Article] Immortal Banner for Building a Powerful Nation2014.07.30
[Commentary] Against Public Sentiments2014.07.29

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