Jul. 11, Juche 103 (2014)  Friday
Let us raise a fierce wind of making a fresh leap forward on all fronts of building a thriving country filled with confidence in victory!

Supreme Leaders’ Activities
Kim Jong Un Gives Field Guidance to Construction Site of Terminal of Pyongyang Int'l Airport

National Meeting Commemorates Birth Anniversary of Kim Hyong Jik2014.07.11
Stamp Marks Birth Anniversary of Kim Hyong Jik 2014.07.11
Masterpieces Representing Cause of Leader's Eternity and Times2014.07.11
Walled City of Pyongyang 2014.07.11
Kim Jong Un Sends Wreath to Bier of Jon Pyong Ho2014.07.10
Jon Pyong Ho Dies 2014.07.10
AINDF Central Committee Backs Statement of DPRK Government2014.07.11
Official of Chongryon Supports Statement of DPRK Government2014.07.11
Unshakable Will2014.07.11
Delegations of Overseas Koreans Pay Tribute to Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il2014.07.08
Floral Baskets Laid before Statue of Kim Il Sung at Yuwen Middle School in Jilin, China2014.07.08
Bereaved Family of DPRK Hero An Tong Su Pays Tribute to Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il2014.07.08
Kim Il Sung Remembered in Foreign Countries2014.07.11
DPRK Olympic Committee Sends Notice to Organizing Committee of 17th Asian Games2014.07.11
Greetings to President of Mongolia2014.07.11
Delegation of Oceania Remembrance Committee Leaves2014.07.11
Floral Baskets Laid before Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il by Foreign Guests2014.07.10
Floral Tribute Paid to Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il2014.07.10
KCNA Report on Organization of "Special Investigation Committee"2014.07.05
NDC of DPRK Sends Special Proposal to S. Korean Authorities2014.07.01
S. Korean Authorities Flailed for Suppressing Teachers Union2014.06.28
Command of Southwestern Front of KPA Releases Crucial Report2014.06.28
Some European Countries Accused of Finding Fault with DPRK over Issue of Armistice Supervisory Mechanism2014.06.27

Masterpieces Representing Cause of Leader's Eternity and Times

The literature and art field has registered many successes over the last 20 years. This period has seen many novels, poems, music, fine art and other genres, which impressively praise the immortality of the leader in the mind of the people and the yearning of the people for him.

The literature field wrote the novel "Eternal Life", …

[Editorial] Glorify Idea of Jiwon Forever for Final Victory2014.07.10
[Editorial] Eternal President, Eternal Leader 2014.07.08
[Commentary] Don't Find Fault with Self-Defensive Measure2014.07.07
[Article] Songun Politics, Treasured Sword of Ever-victorious Socialism2014.07.05
[Article] Historic Event in Laying Basic Foundation for National Reunification2014.07.04

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