Aug. 23, Juche 103 (2014)  Saturday
Let us raise a fierce wind of making a fresh leap forward on all fronts of building a thriving country filled with confidence in victory!

My Country Will Prosper amid Blessing of Songun Sun 2014.08.23
Revolutionary Anecdotes on Songun Leadership (1)2014.08.23
Poem Reciting and Concert by Women's Union Members 2014.08.22
13th National Angling Contest Held2014.08.22
Child Calligrapher 2014.08.22
National Students' Sports Tournament for September 5 Prize Closes2014.08.21
Poor Grumble2014.08.23
It is a War Declaration2014.08.22
North-South Agreements Should Not Be Trifled2014.08.22
Spokesman for Policy Department of NDC of DPRK Snubs Sophism of U.S. Secretary of State2014.08.21
Preemptive Attack, Our Choice Now2014.08.21
UFG Censured by General Association of Koreans in China2014.08.21
U.S. "Strategic Patience Policy" on Chopping Board2014.08.23
Meeting of Solidarity with Cuban People Held2014.08.23
Investment Forum Held in Rason of DPRK2014.08.22
4th Rason International Trade Exhibition Held2014.08.22
DPRK's Tradition of Victory over U.S.2014.08.21
Spanish Guest Visits Mangyongdae2014.08.21
Spokesman for Policy Department of NDC of DPRK Snubs Sophism of U.S. Secretary of State2014.08.21
U.S., S. Korean Warmongers Will Have to Pay High Price for Their Reckless War Drills: Spokesman for KPA General Staff2014.08.19
CPRK Urges S. Korean Authorities to Take Fundamental and Realistic Steps for National Reunification2014.08.16
Kim Jong Un Issues Order on Promoting Military Ranks of KPA Commanding Officers2014.07.28
CPRK Spokesman Urges S. Korean Authorities Not to Miss Opportunity for Improving North-South Relations2014.07.24

The Two Won't Come Together

South Korea's chief executive Park Geun Hye spoke on the 69th Liberation Day celebrations on August 15. Her speech, however, was an old-fashioned, tedious speech, devoid of any way of solution to inter-Korean relations, a most pressing issue of the day.

Greeting the day of Korea’s liberation, the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea in a statement …

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[Commentary] Desperate Cry for "Punishment"2014.08.13

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