Feb. 8,Juche 112 (2023) Wednesday  
Rodong Sinmun
A Trademark Reflects His Warm Love

Politics 2022.11.21.

One rainy day in July, Juche 104(2015), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited a factory which produces daily necessities.

The respected General Secretary dropped in at the sample room of the factory.

Looking at the samples in satisfaction, the respected General Secretary said that people liked products of this factory the best.

A little later, the respected General Secretary, looking at the products carefully, said that the trademark was not made in a cultured way and also the font of letters on the trademark was not good-looking.

He added that the trademark should be made in a noble and cultured way in conformity with the aesthetic sense and emotion of our people. And he gave a detailed instruction to improve the brand.

That day the respected General Secretary, noting that some of homemade goods were of high quality, but their packages and trademarks were not on the appropriate level, added that high-quality goods should have good package and trademark.

A trademark was small. However, it was his noble intention that even a small thing for our people should be made on the highest level in conformity with their demands and interests.

There are no blessed people in the world except our people who live under the warm care of the respected General Secretary, the benevolent father of the people.

Rodong Sinmun