Jun. 5,Juche 112 (2023) Monday  
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Ceremonies of Moving into New Houses Held at Farm Villages in DPRK  


Modern villages suited to the requirements of the socialist rural development in the new century have been built one after another in different parts of the DPRK. Various farms in Soksa-ri of Pongchon County, Woldang-ri of Sinwon County, Kohyon-ri of Samchon County and Songo-ri of Sinchon County in South Hwanghae Province have been remodeled.

Commemorative Meeting  


A meeting took place on the spot on June 2 to mark the 10th anniversary of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un’s field guidance to the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm.

News of KCU Members’ Letter-relay Teams  


The letter-relay teams of loyalty by members of the Korean Children’s Union (KCU) from across the country are running towards their destination, flying the KCU flag.