No Obstacle Insurmountable When All Koreans Pool Efforts


Now the north and the south of Korea are going ahead with multi-faceted dialogue and cooperation in order to implement the Panmunjom declaration, and in that course good successes conducive to national reconciliation, unity, peace and prosperity were achieved to add to the pleasure of all Koreans.

The north and the south should write a new history of peace, prosperity and reunification by pooling their efforts and wisdom, valuing all successes made in the efforts for implementing the historic Panmunjom declaration.

Now the north-south relations are steadily developing under deep attention by all Koreans and the world.

Unforeseen dramatic events were witnessed and good agreements were made in the north-south relations to set right the tragic long-frozen north-south relations and achieve excellent successes for national reconciliation and peace. This was a decisive turn in the advance toward the bright future of national reunification.

Although many trials and difficulties exist to block the path toward the improvement of the north-south relations and national reunification, the Korean nation can easily overcome any obstacles and resolve everything when the north and south pool their efforts.

The north and the south had already confirmed the principle of national independence in the Panmunjom declaration that the destiny of the nation should be determined by itself. The issue of the north-south relations, the internal issue of the Korean nation, should be settled, as desired and demanded by the nation, and no one is entitled to interfere in it.

All Koreans in the north and the south and abroad, who are to make contributions to the improvement of the north-south relations, peace and reunification of the country, should turn out with a single patriotic mind in the drive for thoroughly implementing the Panmunjom declaration, setting store by the declaration and all successes brought about by it, irrespective of their differing ideologies, social systems, political views and isms.

Pak Chol Jun