In Order to Protect and Propagate Useful Animals


In April, Juche 101(2012), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un instructed that from March to July every year had to be set as the period of protecting useful animals, during which useful animals were protected intensively on an entire-Party, nationwide and all-people scale.

He also saw to it that a decision was adopted at the 5th Plenary Meeting of the 7th Party Central Committee for provinces to propagate and release animals like roe deer and pheasants and replenish feed every autumn in order to protect and multiply useful animals.

All these are a manifestation of his noble patriotic will to make our country a people’s paradise envied by the world.

Moreover, he personally chose a place for a sanctuary of useful animals in Kangwon Province in December two years ago.

And in February last year, he taught that provinces had to arrange reserves for useful animals in areas consisting of flatlands and hills with lots of trees, shrubs, grass and weeds, and ponds, puddles, brooks and other favorable water conditions and where ring roads could be built without difficulty.

When he was informed of an area particularly abundant in wild pheasants, he made sure that the animal research team of Kim Il Sung University and other counterparts studied the reason in detail and that every possible measure was taken to increase those pheasants in number.

There are lots of other stories about his painstaking efforts to wisely guide the protection and propagation of useful animals which he regards as a patriotic undertaking for providing our people with a more beautiful paradise, a better place to live in.

Indeed, our country is being transformed into a socialist paradise where people enjoy all blessings thanks to the respected General Secretary who exerts himself for even the protection and propagation of useful animals out of fervent love for the country.

Rodong Sinmun