Apr. 25,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
Report on 6th Enlarged Plenary Meeting of 8th WPK Central Committee

The vigorous development of the sacred Korean revolution pioneered and advancing with the most just mission and far-reaching ideal is firmly guaranteed by the wise guidance of the Workers' Party of Korea which sets forth scientific path and clear practical strategy at each period and at every stage and leads to thorough and perfect implementation.

Our Party members, working people and service personnel have honorably defended the year 2022 full of all the unprecedented challenges and threats with the indomitable spirit and perseverance peculiar to the great Korean people under the militant banner of the ever-victorious WPK. They are recollecting with great pride and self-confidence the days when they have overcome the most difficult hardships with stubborn wisdom in the gigantic course for a comprehensive development of socialist construction.

In 2022 filled with manifold trials, our Party and people and have waged a heroic struggle to defend the validity of their cause and their dignity and honor, thus powerfully demonstrating the potentiality of the DPRK, its spirit and the staunch character of the Korean revolution. And through the process of making remarkable and meaningful progress, they came to believe their own strength more firmly, find out the main links of changes more clearly and map out the road of overall development more vividly.

Under the present situation of aspiring after a new advance after successfully overcoming the dangerous and urgent difficulties decisive of the existence of the state, the Korean revolution has persistently faced unavoidable obstacles which can be overcome only by the correct and seasoned leadership of the WPK and the united, powerful and courageous struggle of the Korean people.

The Sixth Enlarged Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK was held at the office building of the Party Central Committee, the supreme headquarters of the revolution, from December 26 to 31, Juche 111 (2022) to clarify the positive and scientific policy orientation for dynamically leading the Korean-style socialism to a fresh change and development by thoroughly applying the idea of independence, self-sustenance and self-reliance, the invariable guidelines of the Korean revolution.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the WPK, was present at the plenary meeting.

When Kim Jong Un appeared at the platform, stormy cheers of "Hurrah!" broke out in the meeting hall.

All the participants extended the highest glory to Kim Jong Un, the great leader of our Party and revolution and the banner of all honor and victories of our state and people, who has confidently led the socialist cause to radical overall development while ushering in a heyday of strengthening the whole Party with his transparent idea of independence and distinguished leadership activities, holding fast to the helm of the Juche revolution.

Present there were members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and members and alternate members of the WPK Central Committee. Officials of the departments of the Party Central Committee and leading officials of ministries, national institutions, provincial level leadership bodies and cities and counties and major industrial establishments were present as observers.

The presidium of the meeting was elected with members of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee.

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK authorized Kim Jong Un to preside over the meeting.

Kim Jong Un appreciated that the WPK has pushed ahead with socialist construction more dynamically and extensively by further increasing the enthusiasm of the whole Party and all the people for struggle, while overcoming the difficulties and hardship equivalent to the ten-year struggle since the 8th Congress of the WPK. He said it is the most precious experience that in the course the WPK correctly grasped the peculiarities of the internal and external environment of the Korean revolution and confirmed our revolutionary principle, methodology and orientation of advance.

He said that the plenary meeting should serve as an occasion for opening a wide avenue for the development of the state and giving the people greater confidence and optimism by clarifying the path of new leap forward and mapping out the most correct and effective strategy on the basis of the experience, lessons and substantial advance accumulated through the stubborn struggle in 2022.

Stressing the need for the members of the leadership body of the Party Central Committee to display a high sense of responsibility and activeness to this end, he declared the 6th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Party Central Committee open.

The plenary meeting put the following matters on its agenda items:

1. On review of the implementation of major Party and state policies in 2022 and the work plan for 2023

2. Organizational matter

3. On the fulfillment of the state budget for 2022 and the draft state budget for 2023

4. On strengthening the Party guidance over the revolutionary schools

5. On the five-point line of party building in the new era

The plenary meeting unanimously approved the agenda items.

The plenary meeting discussed the first agenda item "On review of the implementation of major Party and state policies in 2022 and the work plan for 2023".

Kim Jong Un made a report on the first agenda item.

In his report he appreciated the successes made in 2022 in which our Party and people have made steady and powerful progress while waging an arduous struggle in firm unity.

The remarkable successes and progress have been made in the activities of our Party and its self-strengthening.

The Party Central Committee directed the general orientation of the Party activities to the thorough implementation of the decisions of the Fourth and Fifth plenary meetings of the Eighth Party Central Committee, and powerfully guided the whole Party and all the people to continuous advance and development with its initiative and superb leadership practice in the face of the sudden and severe changes in internal and external situation. It also further refined its leadership ability by thoroughly maintaining its leadership traits of responding courageously and promptly, and developed the united might of the revolutionary ranks onto a remarkably high level.

Substantial measures were taken to reinforce the key links in strengthening the Party work throughout the Party and a theory of party building in the new era guaranteeing the eternal future of the Party was established, providing a powerful weapon for the rosy development of the Party.

The DPRK's policy on its nuclear force was officially legalized at the most appropriate and crucial time to provide an eternal security guarantee and make the world clearly recognize the strategic position of the DPRK. The settlement of this historic task is a demonstration of the WPK's transparent stand of independence and idea of self-defence, and it has greater significance than any political event in view of steering the change of the world political structure and in view of having put the track of the state development on a new high level.

The report analyzed and evaluated the dramatic changes made in strengthening the defence capabilities and in the struggle against the enemy.

It is high pride of our Party, government and people to have made the DPRK's great power more certain and built up matchlessly strong military muscle by waging a strenuous struggle for bolstering up the defence capabilities.

The WPK's basic principle of defending the national interests and raising the national prestige was successfully implemented, despite the trend of the eventful and changeful international political situation, thus dealing a severe blow at the U.S. imperialists' high-handed and arbitrary practices and policy toward the DPRK in line with the Party's strategic plan and resolution.

The report reviewed the signal achievements made in the economic construction and the cultural construction.

Splendid successes symbolizing the struggle of the year 2022 have been made in the construction of the Hwasong and Ryonpho areas, which were the most important tasks in the field of construction, and projects of weighty significance in the economic growth and the improvement of the people's livelihood were completed.

The drive for implementing the new programme for rural revolution started dynamically, model houses representing the new era of rural development were built in cities and counties across the country and the brisk work was launched to improve the economic management and raise the country's ability to cope with crisis and the country's level of civilization.

2022 was a time which was by no means meaningless and we have made clear advance, the General Secretary said, adding that certain successes made in all the work of the Party and the state are a praiseworthy victory won only by our great people who have displayed the spirit of self-reliance and fortitude and the creativity while stoutly enduring the grave national crises, and the immortal feats to remain in the history of the country forever.

He extended warm thanks on behalf of the Party Central Committee to all the Party members and other people across the country for having resolutely defended and implemented the Party policies through the most powerful and courageous struggle unprecedented in history to demonstrate the honor, dignity and prestige of the state before the whole world and glorify the year 2022 as a year of important milestone in opening a new surging phase of our revolution.

Saying that the year 2023, in which we have to carry out the tasks for the third year of key significance in implementing the five-year plan set forth by the 8th Congress of the Party and mark the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War and the 75th birthday of the Republic, is an important year in the course of our socialist development and the history of the DPRK, he set it as the general direction of the new year's work to further expand and develop the all-people struggle for opening a new phase in socialist construction and thus provide a decisive guarantee for the fulfillment of the five-year plan.

He stressed the need to make 2023 a year of great turn and change to be remarkably recorded in the development course of the DPRK by redoubling the fighting spirit displayed in 2022 and making all efforts to attain this year's goal and fulfill the new long-term tasks.

The General Secretary indicated all the tasks for ensuring stable development of the national economy and bringing about a substantial change in the improvement of the people's living standard.

The report defined the year 2023, which faces the higher goals and huge tasks for fulfilling the five-year plan for national economic development, as a year of making a big stride in the development of the national economy, a year of attaining the goals of key importance in the growth of production, the implementation of readjustment and reinforcement strategy and the improvement of the people's living standard, and set it as the main task of economic work to mainly complete the plan for readjustment and reinforcement decided by the Party Congress while pepping up production in all sectors and units.

The General Secretary said that the WPK has made strenuous efforts to thoroughly embody the idea of self-sustenance laid down by President Kim Il Sung and eliminate defeatism and mysticism about technology in the whole course of socialist construction since the foundation of the state. He reprimanded that however, the tendency of such old idea still remains among some economic officials as incurable and indigenous diseases with clever disguise.

The plenary meeting dealt a resolute and heavy blow to the outdated idea of trying to bargain the principle of self-reliance, not abandoning dependence on the technology of others, and recognized that it is necessary to continue the struggle to wipe out all the remnants of wrong ideas which are obstructing our work under the pretense of objective circumstances.

The General Secretary ardently and militantly called upon the workers, scientists and technicians in core sectors for the successful development of the national economy to overcome the difficulties facing the revolution by their own efforts, holding high the fighting spirit and banner of the 1960s and 70s once again.

The report set as the main targets the economic indices and 12 major goals to be attained by all sectors of the national economy in the new year and specified the ways for attaining them. It stressed the need to focus the operation and guidance on making the fulfillment of the plan for 2023 lead to the implementation of the medium- and long-term strategy for economic development.

Setting the housing construction, a revolution that brings about epochal changes and a project greatly favored by the people, as the first major policy task, the report underlined the importance to build a new street composing of 3 700 flats along with the construction of 10 000 flats of the second stage in the Hwasong area by conducting the capital city construction in a bolder way in the third year of the construction of 50 000 flats in Pyongyang City. It also stressed the need to direct greater efforts to the rural construction on the basis of the experience accumulated in the year 2022.

The report raised it as a policy task to bring about a substantial change in the people's living which the Party attaches most importance to and is pushing forward with much effort, and detailed the important tasks and ways to which the agricultural sector should give priority.

It called for finding a realistic and rational work system and method and unconditionally carrying them out in light industry, regional industry, public service, fishery, urban management and other sectors directly related to the people's living so that the policies of the Party and state can reach the people correctly.

The report stressed the need to thoroughly adhere to the Party's principle of attaching importance to and prioritizing science and technology, clearly understanding the importance of science and technology playing a locomotive role in developing the national economy and improving the people's living standard, and set forth the orientation of innovation to raise the country's scientific and technological level to a new higher stage.

It dealt with the principles and ways to amplify the successes and experience gained in education, public health and all other fields for developing socialist culture in the course of the struggle of the year 2022 and to overcome deviations.

The General Secretary stressed the need to actively organize and properly guide the socialist patriotic movement, the revolutionary mass movement which is the powerful driving force for prosperity and development of the state.

Saying that primary attention should be paid to firmly adhering to and inheriting the tradition of loyalty peculiar to the Korean revolution and the tradition of patriotism peculiar to our state and the revolution should be advanced by dint of loyalty and patriotism, he clarified the principled issues for the Party and working people's organizations to actively organize and conduct various popular patriotic movements.

The report clarified the crucial policy resolution on giving spurs to strengthening the self-reliant defence capabilities, on the basis of the analysis of the present situation of the inter-Korean relations and the external challenges seriously threatening the regional peace and security.

The U.S. and other hostile forces have recently been hit hard by the rapid development of the military muscle of the DPRK and its promulgation of the nuclear law peerless in the world. Though seized with fear and uneasiness due to the DPRK's toughest counteraction, they are now keen on the extreme moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK, the atrocious and desperate moves unprecedented in human history.

In 2022 the U.S. frequently deployed various nuclear strike means in south Korea at the level of constant deployment, increasing the level of military pressure on the DPRK to the maximum.  And, at the same time, it is pushing forward the realization of triangular cooperation with Japan and south Korea on a full scale while working hard to establish a new military bloc like Asian version of NATO under the signboard of "strengthened alliance".

Under the pretext of coping with any "threat", south Korea is hell-bent on imprudent and dangerous arms buildup while busying itself with hostile military moves to pose a confrontational challenge.

The prevailing situation calls for making redoubled efforts to overwhelmingly beef up the military muscle to thoroughly guarantee the sovereignty, security and fundamental interests of the Republic in response to the worrying military moves by the U.S. and other hostile forces precisely targeting the DPRK.

Stressing the importance of bolstering the nuclear force, the report made clear that our nuclear force considers it as the first mission to deter war and safeguard peace and stability and, however, if it fails to deter, it will carry out the second mission, which will not be for defence.

Under the strategy and plan for strengthened nuclear force of the WPK and the DPRK government to firmly safeguard the country's absolute dignity, sovereignty and right to existence, a task was raised to develop another ICBM system whose main mission is quick nuclear counterstrike.

Now that the south Korean puppet forces, who designated the DPRK as their "principal enemy" and openly trumpet about "preparations for war", have assumed our undoubted enemy, the present situation highlights the importance and necessity of mass-producing tactical nuclear weapons and calls for an exponential increase of the country's nuclear arsenal, the report said, clarifying the epochal strategy of the development of nuclear force and national defence for 2023 with this as a main orientation.

The National Aerospace Development Administration will launch the first military satellite of the DPRK at the earliest date possible by pushing ahead with the full preparation for a reconnaissance satellite and its vehicle in progress at the final stage, the report pointed out.

The report raised it as a major task to boost the politico-ideological and military technical strength of the People's Army, the main force of the national defence capabilities.

In accordance with the army-building orientations clarified at the 8th Congress and major meetings of the Party, it is necessary to make the year 2023 marking the 70th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War and the 60th anniversary of advancement of the slogan "A-match-for-a-hundred" a year of strengthening the politico-ideological might of the DPRK's armed forces in every way and a year of bringing about a turn in making war preparations and enhancing the actual war capacity.

The report highly appreciated the devoted efforts and feats by the workers, scientists and officials in the munitions industry who have creditably carried out the major national defence policy-oriented tasks set forth by the WPK through the whole year's super-intense drive for production and scientific research, and laid down next year's goals of developing and producing weapons and equipment.

The report made clear the main tasks faced by the sectors in charge of affairs with the south and foreign affairs on the basis of the analysis of the external circumstances of the Korean revolution.

As the structure of international relations has been apparently shifted to a "new Cold War" system and a push for multipolarization is further expedited, the report stressed the principles of external work to be thoroughly adhered to by the WPK and the DPRK government to raise the national prestige, defend the national rights and interests and protect the regional peace and security.

Notably, the report clarified the detailed orientations of responding to the U.S. and other enemies on shifting to the actual action of more reliably and surely cementing our physical force on the principle of struggle against the enemy - might for might, frontal match. And it sounded a note of warning against those countries which started joining the U.S. with its partnership strategy to deprive the DPRK of its sacred dignity and sovereignty.

The General Secretary in his report mentioned the important issues arising in solidifying and developing our state and social system and giving play to its advantages and might.

When the socialist legal system has been further improved and strengthened, the original features of our social system as the genuine people's country where the law defends the people and the people observe the law can be preserved, Party policies and state policies can be properly implemented and the purity of the revolutionary ranks and the consolidation of Korean-style socialism can be defended and maintained.

Raised in the report were the principled issues arising in readjusting the state management structure system in a profitable way and in improving the work attitude and style of officials as required by the changing and developing circumstances and the intensified struggle for socialist construction.

The General Secretary indicated important items, orientations of improvement and principled issues for preserving and solidifying the political climate peculiar to the Party and substantially guaranteeing the prospective development of the Party by boosting the combat efficiency of Party organizations at all levels and improving the Party work and personnel management in a fundamental manner.

A change should be made in the work of all the Party organizations and officials and, in particular, the provincial Party committees, the political staff of relevant regions and their chief secretaries.

The General Secretary concluded his three-day report, warmly appealing to the leading officials, who are fully responsible for the work of all fields of the revolution and the destiny of Party policies, to make decisive progress in carrying out their duties to live up to the trust and expectations of the Party and the people with their high sense of loyalty and devoted service at the most critical and responsible time in the history of the development of the Republic and thus powerfully demonstrate to the world how the WPK shouldering the destiny of the country and the people overcomes trials and advance towards a greater victory through new year's struggle.

All the participants expressed full support and approval with a big clap to the report which proudly reviewed the all-people struggle of 2022 that made brilliant achievements in the spirit of fortitude and clearly indicated our advance orientations and keys to making a leap forward under the changing revolutionary situation.

The General Secretary's passionate report full of the confidence in victory and will to shape the future of socialist construction in our own way and by our own efforts from A to Z serves as an undying militant banner that makes it possible to further boost the great and inexhaustible strength of single-minded unity between the Party and the people and vigorously achieve the substantial development and change for national prosperity with its absolute power and through courageous and prudent struggle.

The plenary meeting heard the propositions put by Premier of the Cabinet Kim Tok Hun on the measures for improving the overall state affairs, including the economic field. And there were speeches or written speeches by leading officials of various sectors.

Based on the idea and spirit of the General Secretary's important report, two-day sectional study and consultative meetings took place to establish, in a scientific and detailed way, a thoroughgoing and correct plan for carrying out the next year's colossal struggle tasks.

Senior party and government officials guided the sectional study and consultative meetings.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee finally deliberated the opinions on the draft decision, examined the deliberation of the draft state budget for the new year and discussed the issue of taking important measures for the development of major sectors of the national economy.

The plenary meeting unanimously adopted a decision on the first agenda item.

The plenary meeting discussed the organizational matter as the second agenda item.

Members and alternate members of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) Central Committee were recalled and by-elected.

Jon Sung Guk, Kim Tu Il, Song Yong Gon and Pak Song Chol were by-elected as members of the C.C., WPK from alternate members and Pang Tu Sop, Choe Chol Ung, Pak Myong Son, Ri Yong Sik, Paek Song Guk, Kim Yong Su, Kim Yong Hwan, Ri Ho Rim, Ho Chol Yong, Yu Jin, Sin Ki Chol, Kim Sang Gon and Ri Hye Jong as members of the C.C., WPK.

By-elected as alternate members of the C.C., WPK were Kim Yong Sik, Thae Hyong Chol, Kim Chang Sok, Jo Sok Chol, Jong Yong Nam, Ri Song Bom, Kim Phyong Hyon, Won Kyong Mo, Sin Song Guk, An Sung Hak, Ho Chol Ho, Song Myong Hun, Pae Song Guk, Kim Kum Chol, O Chol Su, Choe Son Il, Kim Son Guk, Jang Se Il, Ri Kyong Il, Jon In Chol, Kim Tu Hong, Pak In Gi, Yu Chol U, Kim Song Chol, Choe Tu Yong and Ryang Kil Song.

Recalled and by-elected were members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK.

Pak Su Il was by-elected as member of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK and Ju Chang Il, Ri Hi Yong, Kim Su Gil, Kim Sang Gon and Kang Sun Nam as alternate members of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK.

Dismissed and elected were secretaries of the C.C., WPK.

Pak Jong Chon was dismissed and Ri Yong Gil was elected as secretary of the C.C., WPK.

Recalled and by-elected were vice-chairmen of the WPK Central Military Commission.

Pak Jong Chon was recalled and Ri Yong Gil was by-elected as vice-chairman of the WPK Central Military Commission.

Recalled and by-elected were vice-chairmen of the WPK Central Inspection Commission.

Kim Sang Gon was by-elected as vice-chairman of the WPK Central Inspection Commission.

Dismissed and appointed were department directors and first vice department director of the C.C., WPK.

O Il Jong, Kim Sang Gon, Kim Yong Su and Ri Hye Jong were appointed as department directors of the C.C., WPK, and Kim Yong Sik as first vice department director of the C.C., WPK.

Dismissed and appointed were chief secretaries of provincial Party committees.

Kim Su Gil was appointed as chief secretary of the Pyongyang City Committee of the WPK, Pak Thae Dok as chief secretary of the South Hwanghae Provincial Committee of the WPK and Paek Song Guk as chief secretary of the Kangwon Provincial Committee of the WPK.

Dismissed and appointed were cadres of government organs.

Kim Chol Ha was appointed as minister of Chemical Industry, Kim Chang Sok as minister of Light Industry, Jo Sok Chol as chairman of the Quality Control Commission and Ri Yong Sik as director of the Political Bureau of the Cabinet and concurrently chief secretary of its Party committee.

Dismissed and appointed were some commanding officers of the armed forces organs.

Pak Su Il was appointed as the chief of the Korean People's Army General Staff, Kang Sun Nam as minister of National Defence of the DPRK and Ri Thae Sop as minister of Public Security.

In the debate on the third agenda item, the plenary meeting finally deliberated the fulfillment of the state budget for 2022 and the draft state budget for 2023, examined and submitted by the state budget assessment group, and approved to bring them to the 8th Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly.

The plenary meeting discussed the fourth agenda item "On strengthening the Party guidance over the revolutionary schools" and unanimously approved a relevant decision.

The plenary meeting discussed the fifth agenda item "On the five-point line of party building in the new era".

Kim Jong Un made a report on the fifth agenda item.

It is an important issue for our Party, which has covered a long ruling course of nearly 80 years with its important mission to be responsible for the destiny and future of the Korean people, to provide powerful guidelines for firmly preserving its revolutionary character and nature and remarkably enhancing its leading and vanguard role on the basis of directly facing up to the changes of the times and examining the Party's reality.

The idea and theory of Party building in the new era, originally advanced by the General Secretary, include the revolutionary essence, content and valuable experience of the building of organization, ideology and leadership art which have been accumulated historically, and suggested and scientifically settled urgent problems arising in the practice of Party work. So, they won full support and approval of the Party officials and members in a few months after their announcement.

The work was executed to newly frame a theoretical system on the Party building with political, organizational, ideological, disciplinary and work-style building and enrich and regularize its contents.

In particular, the struggle to open up a new era of strengthening the whole Party provided a solid springboard for steadily and stably developing the party building, including the overall and detailed refinement of the fighting capabilities of the Party organizations at all levels and the intensification of the political awareness and role of the party officials and members.

It is a reliable force and a solid foundation for strengthening the party that the WPK has its organizations and millions of members striving to establish a sound and clear political climate, rallied close around its Central Committee organizationally and ideologically and in moral obligation, and tens of millions of people have absolutely trusted it as the ever-victorious guide and the great mother, following it in one mind.

It is appropriate and mature in terms of condition and time to define the five-point orientation for party building in the new era as the WPK's line as it reflects the new requirements of the developing revolution and its inheritance has been confirmed in the historical course and its feasibility proven in a scientific and objective way.

Expressing the belief that the WPK would be able to constantly maintain and strengthen its character and nature and fully discharge its sacred mission and duty for the people forever if the five-point orientation based on the theory of party building in the new era is defined as the WPK's line on party building, the General Secretary courteously proposed to the plenary meeting to formally define the party building orientation in the new era comprehending the will of the whole Party as the WPK's line.

A decision on adopting the five-point orientation based on the General Secretary's unique idea and theory of party building as the WPK's line of party building in the new era was adopted with unanimous applause.

Kim Jong Un made a concluding speech.

Our struggle is an unprecedented great cause of not only enduring the difficulties facing it and maintaining itself but advancing toward new changes and development, the overall development of socialist construction.

In the new year, too, our struggle will face trials and difficulties which are not easy to overcome, but we should vigorously advance towards a new horizon of development of the state with firm confidence in our cause and faith in our own strength.

We will resolutely tide over every challenge and difficulty facing us by our own efforts and accelerate the advance into a new era as planned, decided and scheduled by us, not by any fortunes or help from outside.

The General Secretary declared the plenary meeting closed, expressing firm belief that its decisions would lead to steady implementation and substantial changes and a new heyday of development of the Party and the revolution would be ushered in forever thanks to the high party spirit, revolutionary spirit and devotion of all the participants.

All the participants broke into stormy cheers, looking up to the General Secretary of the dignified WPK who opened up a broad avenue for strengthening of the whole Party and national prosperity and has vigorously guided the work with his rare ideo-theoretical wisdom, seasoned leadership art and tireless devotion, and made a firm pledge to always remain loyal to the Party Central Committee on the road of the revolution while hardening their faith and will to courageously brave any ordeals for the great state and people in the future, too.

The Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK, which fully demonstrated the mature leadership ability of our Party confidently leading the socialist cause of Korean style and added fresh courage and vigour to the dynamic advance of our state steadily going along the road chosen by itself and to the indomitable fighting spirit of our people, will shine long in the sacred history of the Juche revolution as a significant occasion that made an important turning point special to the victorious course of the Korean revolution.

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