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Rodong Sinmun
Joint Performance, Concert Mark Lunar New Year’s Day

Culture 2023.1.24.

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There took place a joint performance of Mansudae and Wangjaesan art troupes and a concert of the National Symphony Orchestra at theatres in Pyongyang on Jan. 22, the Lunar New Year’s Day.

The performances instilled confidence in sure victory and vibrant vitality into all the people who have made a great stride of new development and innovation in the direction of the advance indicated by the Party Central Committee.

Working people in Pyongyang appreciated the performances.

Put on the stage of the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre where the joint performance was given were songs of warm love for the great Party and the great country and other colorful numbers full of national flavor.

The performance began with the prelude, songs and dances "New Year’s Day" and "Snow Is Falling on New Year’s Day." Through such famous songs of the era of the Workers’ Party as the song "Our Mother," the performers expressed the gratitude to the Party vigorously leading the comprehensive development of Korean-style socialist construction with its great love for and devoted service to the people.

Enjoying the songs full of confidence and optimism in the future and nimble and powerful dances, the audience were determined to become creators of miracles in the ongoing worthwhile struggle toward a new horizon of the state’s development.

The National Symphony Orchestra gave a concert at the Moranbong Theatre.

Staged were such numbers as orchestral serial songs "Our Destiny and Future Entrusted to You" and a string ensemble "Young People, Be Loyal to Our Party".

An orchestra "Our National Flag" and "Song of Socialist Advance", the fifth movement of "Socialist Symphony", resounded throughout the theatre, inspiring the audience with the patriotic enthusiasm for always loving and glorifying their socialist country where the flag of the DPRK, a symbol of the independent dignity and spirit of our state, is flying high in the sky.

The concert was acclaimed by the audience.

Rodong Sinmun