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Rodong Sinmun
Customs of Korean People on First Full Moon Day

History 2023.2.5.

The Korean people have observed the first full moon day (January 15th of the lunar calendar) as a folk holiday every year together with the lunar New Year’s Day and Chusok (Harvest Moon Day).

The day is celebrated from the 14th day of the first lunar month.

From olden times, the Korean people have celebrated the first full moon day in a big way, next to the lunar New Year’s Day.

There were ceremonial events such as erecting a bundle of rice, kaoliang, millet and other crops before the full moon day and greeting the moon on the evening of the full-moon day while hoping for rich harvest and happiness in the new year.

Various folk games are played on the day. Typical of them are kite-flying, pinwheel and tug-of-war.

Boiled rice admixed with four other staple cereals, sweet rice dish, laver-wrapped rice and dishes made of nine kinds of dried edible herbs are popular as the festive food.

Various customs for the full moon day have been developed in close relation to the Korean people’s life.

This year, the January 15th of the lunar calendar falls on February 5.

Rodong Sinmun