Jun. 13,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
Her Genuine Sincerity Devoted to Assisting Army

Culture 2023.2.6.

Choe Kum Suk living in neighborhood unit No. 73, Puksu-dong of Taedonggang District has sent relief materials to servicepersons every month.

30-odd years ago, Choe was deeply impressed by the soldier-builders contributing to the motherland and people when she went to a construction site to help them.

At that time, she was lost in deep thought.

Finally she decided to breed domestic animals and send them to servicepersons.

It was not easy for Choe busy with her job to raise many domestic animals, but she made no scruple to walk on even early morning and night journey in breeding more animals, remembering that the work for soldiers was precisely one for defending precious motherland.

Whenever sending more meats she prepared, she felt a great pleasure.

Though many years have passed, her assistance has continued.

In those days she went to the reconstruction site of flood-stricken area in the northern part of the country and she taught her children musical instrument preparing for artistic performance to inspire soldiers participating in the socialist construction.

She is over sixty but she finds worth of life in the road for soldiers until now.

Therefore, not only soldiers but also villagers call Choe "Mother of Assisting Army".

Rodong Sinmun