Jun. 13,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
Principle of Creation He Deeply Implanted into Officials

Politics 2023.3.29.

In August several years ago, the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of Yangdok Hot Spring Resort.

While feasting his eyes on its grand appearance which has undergone a complete change for a while, he said to accompanying officials that the sphere of a new cultural and emotional life in which skiing ground is combined with hot-spring recreation ground was created, noting with pleasure that our people would be very happy.

At that time an official revealed his mind intact that everyone would admire at its view when they visited there.

Thereon, the General Secretary told that the hot spring resort in Yangdok County can be said as edifice in which the people-first principle-based architectural idea of our Party is fully embodied, and all the structures are for the people reflecting their demand, adding that to build the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort was the work for the people.

For the people!

Involved in his saying was true meaning of radical change of Yangdok.

That day, the General Secretary expressed his grand plan to positively develop the country’s natural resources and make an effective use of it so that our people can benefit from it, stressing that it should be unconditionally carried out though the work for the people needs a lot of money and is too much for us.

At that time, the officials recollected clearly the words of reminiscences written by President Kim Il Sung that a "loss" incurred by the state for the good of the people is not a loss; the more money it spends on the people’s welfare, the greater happiness our Party feels; and the greater the "loss" it incurs for the children’s sake, the more our state is satisfied.

After a while, the General Secretary gave an instruction that devoted service for the people is the climate of the Workers’ Party of Korea which invariably holds fast to the people-first principle as the core of its mainstay and the basic task of our officials, commanding personnel of the revolution.

He went on to say that all the builders including designers or operators, should follow the example of the people-first principle-based architectural idea of our Party and the Party’s aim to continuously build new monumental edifies serving as a treasure of the people within a short period lies in ushering the great heyday of construction by displaying our-style creative spirit and pattern of creation and also in making the officials and builders understand the creative level to be reached by us.

Indeed, firmly kept in his mind is the noble intention that all the creations for the people should be perfect and at the highest level.

Rodong Sinmun