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Politics 2023.3.31.

Facility for Photographic Development of Holiday Camp


The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp several years ago and looked round its general service building.

Entering the splendidly built building, he went to the souvenir stand.

At that time, accompanying officials informed him that they were planning to sell goods including souvenirs to vacationers there.

Being told about it, he said that it was needless to do like that and asked them what would be good for the place.

And he told them who answered nothing that it would be good to equip the stand with facility for photographic development so as to use as a place for developing photos taken by vacationers.

After a while, he added that if the vacationers showed those photos to their families and colleagues, all of them would be glad.

Thus, the facility for photographic development was installed there.


Disappeared Prominence


It happened when the respected General Secretary looked round the indoor wading pool in the Munsu Water Park under construction.

He suddenly halted and looked at its floor because there was a prominence.

At that time, an official explained to him that it was made lest the water of shower room flow into the pool or the water from tanks of the pool into the shower room.

Thereon, the General Secretary looked attentively at its prominence and said that the floor should be leveled, earnestly instructing to consider such faults in designing and building operation in the future.

Listening to his instructions, the officials were filled with remorse.

Because they were not far-sighted enough to think of what happenings would be occurred if many visitors stumbled over the prominence.

Thanks to the General Secretary’s instruction, the prominence disappeared.

Rodong Sinmun