Jul. 15,Juche 113 (2024) Monday  
Rodong Sinmun
People Will Uphold Respected General Secretary in High Esteem Single-mindedly

Politics 2023.6.5.

Our people cherish the absolute trust in the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who loves the people most.

Saying that the devoted service to people is his view of life, the General Secretary devotes his all to the people.

One September day several years ago, the respected General Secretary toured a commodity show.

Seeing the consumer goods exhibited, the General Secretary said that we should always remember the devoted efforts made by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il to improve the people’s living standard, and convey their loving care for the people down through generations.

Listening to him, accompanying officials deeply kept in their minds his intention to enrich the life of our people true to the desire of the President and the Chairman.

Then the General Secretary said that to produce in a larger quantity quality consumer goods is for implementing the behests of the great leaders, preserving our own things and giving fuller play to the advantages of our socialist system.

That day he stressed that the important thing in producing consumer goods is to sensitively understand what kind of goods the people like and concentrate efforts on the production of goods winning their favor.

Then he went on that it is the Party’s intention to fill every shop of the country with quality domestic commodities.

Saying that he would personally solve the problems arising in the production of commodities, he encouraged the relevant field to plan the work in a big way and push forward with it boldly.

His instruction given that day expresses the profound meaning that every work should be done after considering if the people like it and enjoy the benefit from it.

Through the actual life, our people believe that they can perform the great miracles despite the ordeals and trials as they are led by the General Secretary who devotes himself to the people, thus entirely entrusting their destiny and future to him.

His ardent love for the people gives them great dignity and leads them to always win the victory in the revolutionary struggle by dint of single-hearted unity.

Rodong Sinmun