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Rodong Sinmun
77th KCU Anniversary Marked in DPRK

Culture 2023.6.8.

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The Korean Children’s Union (KCU) members, future pillars and masters of the country, significantly celebrated the 77th birthday (June 6) of the KCU.

All the KCU members visited the statues of Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the great leaders, and mosaics depicting their smiling images in different parts of the country to pay floral tribute to them.

Meetings of juvenile activists exemplary in displaying traits and KCU sessions were held by each provincial, city and county youth league committees and youth league and KCU organizations at schools to mark the anniversary.

Union members throughout the country enjoyed the holiday through art performances and colorful sports and amusement games. Senior officials of the Party and power organs in provinces, cities and counties visited the KCU members to congratulate them.

Those art performances by KCU sub-branches well represented the bright and cheerful appearance of happy children growing under the care of the great Party.

Sports and amusement games took place at various schools across the country. The events, including relay, ankle-tied running, tug-of-war and calculation games, revved up the festive mood.

Rodong Sinmun

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