Feb. 29,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
Sowing of Winter Wheat Finished in a Week

Economy 2023.9.27.

The Jaju Greenhoue Farm of the South Phyongan Provincial Rural Economy Committee fihished sowing of winter wheat in a week.

In keeping with increased sowing area, the farm increased the operating rate of wheat planter more while arranging the manpower and means rationally acrroding to engagement of processes.

Stressing that the delayed sowing decreases the harvest, its officials encouraged the farmers to finish the sowing in the right time.

Farmers who secured the manure 2 times more than last year hastened the sowing while thoroughly observing the technical demand according to processes.

And they helped the laggard workteams to fulfill their daily task within the day without fail.

Now the officails and farmers focused on harvesting and thrashing without slackening their high spirit of finishing the wheat sowing in the right time.

Rodong Sinmun