Apr. 25,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
Cradle of Happiness and Lovely Dream

Culture 2023.12.7.

This picture shows a child of Pyongyang Orphanage filled with happiness in her dream.

She, clasping a collection of writings in her arms tightly, is having a sweet sleep; she is wearing a faint smile and school supplies are put on around the bedhead.

She is too young to know how warm the love she received is.

However she realizes keenly through her life that the benevolent father takes warm care of her and turns her dream into reality.

Now, in our country, the orphans enjoy the boundless benefits from the Party and the state.

They receive the seasonal clothes, school supplies and confectioneries on holidays every year.

Their bookshelves are filled with new "Mindulle"-trademarked notebooks and quality school supplies provided by the Party and they have meat dishes and fish dishes as well as eggs every day; and little girls are pleased receiving the beautiful "Cosmos" hairpins.

Under the warm care of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who always shows kindness to the orphans throughout the country saying that they are all the sons and daughters of the Party, they grow up into pillars of socialist and communist construction and masters of future society.

Rodong Sinmun