Apr. 25,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
One for All and All for One!

Culture 2023.12.9.

Harmonious Collective


The work-team No.1 headed by Ra Chol Yong is well-known to the Ryongbi Farm of the North Phyongan Provincial Rural Economy Committee.

This year the farmers of that work-team brought good harvest in the fields in charge of themselves, becoming innovators. Then, what is the secret of good harvest.

It is just fruition of collective spirit helping and leading each other forward.

Ra Chol Yong and the sub-workteam heads help their farmers while repairing their houses and asking about their living condition in time.

The instigators are also striving to join the minds of the members of the work-team into one.

Therefore, the old-age pensioners of the village, too, undertook not a few fields of their own accord for several years, in spite of unfavorable conditions, overfulfiling their production tasks.

Thanks to the collective spirit prevailing in that work-team, the innovators are on increase.

Even now, the work-team members have made successes day by day in the preparation of next year’s farming helping and caring for each other.


Doing Work of His Own Choice


An elderly man visited Taedae Senior Middle School in Waudo District, Nampho Municipality a few days ago. He is Yun Song Chol living in the neighborhood unit No.32 of Habisok-dong in Hanggu District.

The head of the school was moved by him asking in detail about the necessaries for managing the school.

In the past period, too, he had paid attention to doing one more beneficial thing for the school whether it was a big or small.

But, that day, the head did not know the fact that he returned after inquiring of its teachers what kinds of teaching tools were needed for students in education.

A few days later when Yun visited again the school holding a carton with teaching tools, the head was wrapped in deep emotion with wonder.

Whenever many people are deeply impressed by his beautiful deed thinking of the state affairs before himself, Yun habitually says that it is his determination to devote all to the children valued by our Party.

Rodong Sinmun