Jun. 13,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
KCNA Detailed Report on Completion of Construction of 10 000 Flats at Second Stage in Hwasong Area


The Korean Central News Agency Thursday released a detailed report that another flourishing socialist living space was built in the Hwasong area of the capital city under the grand plan and outstanding leadership of the Central Committee of the great Workers’ Party of Korea.

The detailed report says as follows:

Thanks to the patriotic devotion made by the builders who had made new miracles and created new legendary tales in the Hwasong area, the construction of 10 000 flats at the second stage in the Hwasong area was successfully completed in a matter of one year and, therefore, the task of the third year for the fulfillment of the five-year plan for the construction of the capital city set forth at the Eighth Party Congress was successfully carried out.

The appearance of the ideal socialist country in which the people’s happiness and civilization of the new era come into bloom and the rapid development of great Kim Jong Un’s Korea are reflected in the grand panorama of the new splendid street in which various forms of flats are in harmony with public and service buildings and establishments, assuming an aspect different from the flats at the first stage and keeping alive the characteristic traits and dignity of a modern city section.

The construction for solving the housing problem for the citizens of the capital city has been accelerated without a halt at the firm will of the great Party Central Committee to bring about a definite result in the work for carrying out the promise with the people and promoting their well-being.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the great father who orients and subordinates everything to realizing the people’s requirement and desire, has wisely led the struggle for building the new street with his noble aspiration to turn Pyongyang Municipality into the world-level ideal city of the people and the greatest city.

Kim Jong Un had perfected nearly 1 000 layouts to build the second-stage section in the Hwasong area as a special street with the appearance of a modern city section and a model street and standard of the era.

All the builders turned out as one in the construction of a new street for the people with the rare willingness and great endeavor while flying the flag of the construction headquarters of 50 000 flats in Pyongyang Municipality given by the great Party Central Committee as the banner of successive offensive and uninterrupted innovation.

The second-stage construction in the Hwasong area was a gigantic creation campaign aspiring after a fresh development in scale and content as it included the construction of various forms of dwelling houses, public and service buildings and establishments with an area of over 80 hectares and a total floor space of one million and hundreds of thousands of square meters.

The construction headquarters had further consolidated the material and technical foundations for successfully pushing ahead with the housing construction by organizing exhibitions of information and motivation means, ceremonies of starting loudspeaker cars, ceremonies of putting vehicles in service and exhibitions of utensils and tools. Meanwhile, they had accelerated the project scientifically and efficiently by further improving the work system and guidance.

All leading members became field commanding officers and had made a breakthrough while taking the lead in difficult and labor-consuming work and made a strict demand for carrying out daily process plans without fail while directing efforts to improving the quality of structures.

Intensive political and ideological work had been conducted, boosting the offensive spirit of the builders to defend the dignity of the Party Central Committee with eye-opening miracles in the construction of the capital city in Kim Jong Un’s era of great changes.

The service personnel of the people’s army, the death-defying fighters who remove mountains and fill seas once it is called by the Party, had taken the lead in the construction while creating new standard and records.

The construction sites were full of militant mettle and optimism of soldier-builders as frontline recreation parties, mass dances, frontline information and motivation activities were conducted during recesses of work.

Following the revolutionary fighting spirit and mettle of the service personnel, the civilian building units had created new standards and records by dint of self-reliance and science and technology.

Officials and workers across the country had also made collective innovations and solidarity innovations in hearty response to the grand plan of the Party for construction, contributing to the construction of 10 000 flats at the second stage in the Hwasong area.

Our society’s great traits of helping and leading each other forward had come into full bloom in the glorious and worthwhile struggle to more wonderfully complete the Hwasong area, which is being built as a symbol of the new era of leap forward and advance, into the street of the people where socialist civilization is in full bloom.

Working people and young people across the country had encouraged the builders in their labor efforts, conducting night support shock brigade activities at the construction site of the Hwasong area from the very day of the ground-breaking.

Officers’ wives had devoted their all to their husbands and soldiers who had performed heroic feats.

Thanks to the outstanding leadership of the Party Central Committee and the indomitable struggle of the builders who had performed miracles and feats with new construction speed and legendary tales of construction, another cradle of happiness for the people was built in the Hwasong area.

The completion of the construction of 10 000 flats at the second stage in the Hwasong area proves that nothing is impossible for the Korean people who are dynamically paving the road of development and prosperity by their own efforts and in their own way under the guidance of Kim Jong Un.

Pyongyang Municipality where a flourishing socialist living space is built every year thanks to the loyalty and patriotic devotion of the great people will turn into the most beautiful cradle of civilization and a paradise for the people admired by the whole world, the report concluded.

Rodong Sinmun