Jul. 16,Juche 113 (2024) Tuesday  
Rodong Sinmun
By Preparing Them as Intelligent Agricultural Workers

Culture 2024.5.25.

A work to heighten the enthusiasm for scientific farming has been brisk among the Union of the Agricultural Workers of Korea (UAWK) organizations in North Hwanghae Province seething with the implementation of decisions set forth at 9th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The provincial committee of the UAWK concentrates their organizational and political work on preparing all the agricultural workers as masters of the rural revolution and intelligent working people firmly equipped with modern science and technology, while purposefully launching mass movement for attaining the grain production.

And the committee organizes emulations among units in a substantial way to ensure that they make stable and sustainable development of the farming under the banner of scientific farming and widens the discrimination of the UAWK primary officials and members by organizing video show in a normal way.

Amid the brisk agricultural science and technology dissemination, the concerns of agricultural workers about farming method and technology grow.

Those in Sariwon City and Hwangju County positively use farming program capable of selecting the suitable kinds of crops and sowing period and tending them as required by science and technology.

The UAWK organizations in Kangbuk Farm, Kumchon County and Kachang Farm, Sohung County introduces the substantial cultivation method suited to their realities through the dissemination of effective agricultural science and technology.

Those in Sangwon and Sungho counties, too, intensify the ideological education and technical study among the farmers so that they could do all the farming works including rice-transplantation as required by the Juche farming method.

Rodong Sinmun