Jul. 16,Juche 113 (2024) Tuesday  
Rodong Sinmun
Reception Given for Players and Coaches of DPRK Women’s Football Players Team


The Cabinet of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea hosted a reception at Okryu Restaurant on May 24 in welcome of the players and coaches of the DPRK women’s players team who took the first place at the AFC U-17 Women’s Asian Cup 2024.

Present there were Vice-Premier of the Cabinet Kim Myong Hun, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports Kim Il Guk, Minister of External Economic Relations Yun Jong Ho who is chairman of the DPRK Football Association, officials concerned and players and coaches of the women’s players team.

Kim Myong Hun made a congratulatory speech at the reception.

He congratulated all the players and coaches on giving pleasure to the whole country by winning the AFC U-17 Women’s Asian Cup 2024 and flying the national flag of the DPRK in the sky above the world.

He called upon all sportspersons and coaches to cherish their pride and honor as sportspersons of Juche Korea and fully demonstrate the dignity and might of the great DPRK in all international games.

Player Jon Il Chong in her reply speech expressed her determination to put spurs to training and thus live up to the trust and expectation of the country and its people with her greater successes in games.

Rodong Sinmun