Feb. 29,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
In Days of Training Invincible Revolutionary Powerful Army

Politics 2023.2.3.

Precious Revolutionary Legacy


One April day in Juche 101(2012), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited a naval unit, which was associated with the leadership exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

While listening to the explanation of a guide in front of the monument to field guidance, he earnestly said that the unit was associated with many leadership exploits of the President and the Chairman.

Looking round the naval port, he said to the accompanying officers that the stationing region of the unit was a historic place of revolution and the unit with a proud history of its own was associated with many guidance exploits of our Party.

Then he stressed that the historic relics and data of the unit were precious revolutionary legacies, which would be handed down forever with the history of navy of the heroic Korean People’s Army.

Precious revolutionary legacy!

The officers deeply kept in their minds his instruction that the historic site should be well arranged and maintained to make the next generation continuously inherit the revolutionary cause of our Party.

Indeed, his field guidance given that day was a meaningful occasion to make the commanding officers of the People’ Army bear in their minds the fact that the victorious advance of revolution and strengthening of the military capabilities can be guaranteed only when the immortal revolutionary exploits of the great leaders are firmly defended and glorified.


As Members of Death-defying Corps


One April day several years ago, the respected General Secretary visited an air force unit.

After receiving the drill order given by the General Secretary, the fighters flied up into the air.

The General Secretary expressed his satisfaction with the drill success of combat pilots and said that the success proved that the unit was fully ready for action in a high combat posture at all times.

Then he, noting that the moment is precious in combat, said that the unit should prepare the airmen as members of a death-defying corps in the sky and able combat pilots capable of successfully fighting a modern warfare through intensive flight drills.

Members of a death-defying corps!

Herein lies the great trust of the General Secretary who expects every airman to be the faithful ones and trustworthy defenders of our sky by having invincible fighting efficiency.


Priceless Valuation, Highest Commendation


One January day in Juche 104(2015), the recoilless gun firing contest was held between sub-units directly under the infantry divisions of the first echelons of the KPA frontline corps.

The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un, who paid deep attention to that contest, came to the spot and guided the whole course of the contest.

After the shelling contest, he called soldiers of a guards division honored with special class in the contest to him to congratulate them, and warmly blessed them saying that they might return to their unit proudly singing the “Song of Pride of Guards Units” as they took the special place in the contest and were awarded the crackshots certificates, medals and badges from the Supreme Commander.

And then he indicated the venue of the photo session saying to the cameraman that it was significant to have a photo session with the recoilless gun and was concerned for ensuring that the souvenir photo was taken as a meaningful picture to be remained forever.

Thanks to his warm love and benevolence, a meaningful picture came into being.

Indeed, it was the greatest privilege, honor, happiness and pride that can be bestowed only on our soldiers, and also the priceless valuation and highest commendation.

Rodong Sinmun