May. 28,Juche 113 (2024) Tuesday  
Rodong Sinmun
Deep Sleep of Soldiers Kept by Parental Love

Politics 2023.2.3.

Once the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un inspected a unit of the Korean People’s Army(KPA). It was a midnight in early spring.

Silence reigned over the unit as the soldiers fell in deep sleep.

Officers of the unit were very glad to meet with the General Secretary whom they had wanted to see so eagerly. And they had meant to awake the soldiers because the General Secretary used to meet the soldiers first of all when he visited units of the KPA.

Looking at the officers of the unit, the General Secretary said that he could not meet the soldiers because it was midnight but he would feel easy when he see even the sleeping soldiers

The General Secretary acquainted himself with the place where the soldiers were sleeping and went to a bedroom.

When he entered the room, the soldiers were sleeping deeply.

Looking at them satisfactorily, he said gladly that the soldiers were sleeping well.

He said to the accompanying officials that they had to be quiet lest the soldiers should awake.

Therefore the officials quietly followed the General Secretary, holding their breath.

In the other bedroom the General Secretary looked at the sleeping soldiers for a long time again.

After leaving the bedroom he said with satisfaction that it seemed that he had recovered from pent-up fatigue looking at the soldiers sleeping with ease.

Looking up to the General Secretary, the officers of the unit and the accompanying officials were so impressed.

That day the General Secretary looked round various places of the unit to take warm care of the soldiers’ life and left the unit before the soldiers awoke.

Under the great and deep love of the General Secretary our People’s Army has strengthened further as the invincible revolutionary armed forces capable of smashing any enemy at a blow.

Rodong Sinmun