Jun. 13,Juche 113 (2024) Thursday  
Rodong Sinmun
Law and Our Life
Our People’s Life Protected by Law

Politics 2023.3.18.

The socialist law, which serves as a companion of genuine and rigorous life and leads us to the right conduct, protects independent rights of our people.

There are many countries and nations in the world, but no one except our people enjoys an independent and creative life to their heart’s content, being protected by the law under the most advantageous socialist system.

In our country, where the Party and the state responsibly take care of the life of people, the socialist law ensures our people lead a stable life from birth to death.

The socialist law regulates and leads in a unified way the life of all the people including workers, peasants and intellectuals and activities ranging from the state administration to individual housekeeping, irrespective of those in the capital or mountainous villages and remote islands and thus, establishing and maintaining a systematic public order across the country and providing us with a stable life.

The socialist law protects our happy life everywhere we live and in every workplace seething with the passion for creation.

The law establishes orders not only in the state’s activities but in every part of our life and leads us to do right.

The Socialist Constitution stipulates that marriage and family are protected by the state and that the state pays deep attention to consolidating the family, the basic living unit of society.

It also stipulates that women have the equal social status and rights with men and that the state particularly protects mothers and children through the provision of maternity leave, the reduction of working hours for mothers with several children, the expansion of maternity home, nursery and kindergarten, and other policies.

The socialist law makes sure that the creativity of people is fully displayed by establishing an order of providing each person with a job according to his or her abilities and aptitudes.

The law stipulates that the people are provided with sufficient working and resting conditions in every workplace and many state benefits, thus enabling them to lead a worthwhile and enjoyable working life.

In our socialist system, all the conditions and material guarantees are fully provided so that the popular masses can lead an independent and creative life as genuine masters of society and this is guaranteed by the law.

That is why our people regard socialism as their life and soul.

Our life has become more stable thanks to the socialist law that establishes a revolutionary system and order in all parts of social life.

Rodong Sinmun